Five Benefits That Make Life Insurance A Must for Everyone


Irrelevant of how much you earn you should not ignore the importance of buying a life insurance policy in Texas. No one knows what the future has in store for him, or she so do not delay the purchase. A number of them die every day because of illness or an accident. A premature death could be devastating for your family, especially if you are also the sole breadwinner of the house.

Purchasing life insurance in Texas takes care of your family’s financial woes and ensures that they have the same standard of living even when you are not around. A life insurance policy should be the first investment that you should make. Also the earlier you buy the policy, the more beneficial it is because it lets you enjoy a lower premium value.

Do not overlook these five benefits of buying a life insurance policy.

1. Buying a life insurance policy assures you peace of mind. You cannot control your death, but you do have control on how your family will survive after your demise. Buying life insurance in Texas protects the financial health of your family. The amount is substantial and helps your family to sail over the troubled times.

2. A life insurance policy can also be an income replacement for you. Most of the life insurance plans let you purchase a rider that covers any loss of income because of disability. If you happen to lose your income, then the policy can cover the costs and ensure that your family maintains the same standard of living even when you lose your job. The income loss could happen because of a disability due to an accident where you end up losing your job.

3. A life plan is beneficial only when you stay invested in it for a long time. This in turn also helps you to achieve your long-term financial goals like saving for your retirement. There are life policies in Texas that save into diverse instruments and thus give you an option to choose the policy as per your risk taking capacity. The life insurance plans could offer you a regular income every month for all your life after you retire.

4. Be it a house of a car; these purchases create debts. Most of us have some form of debt, and if you were to die unexpectedly, then your family would have to bear the burden of these expenses. A life insurance policy pays off towards these debts in case of your sudden death. The plan also lets you withdraw a portion of the amount invested or take a loan against the policy.

5. The policy forces you to save. This instills discipline, and over time you see your investment grow because of the power of compounding.

Buying a life insurance plan gives you security. Your family does not have to dig into the savings for financial help in case you pass away prematurely.

A life policy in Texas should be purchased based on what your individual needs are. You may either opt for a pure insurance cover or opt for policies that have an investment component attached to it. Also, make sure that you choose the sum assured value carefully so that your family does not have to compromise on their quality of life. The sum assured value should be calculated keeping in mind the present living expenses, any debts to be paid and also the liabilities like a child’s education or marriage. The life insurance policies offer many riders which are highly recommended. However, take care to understand what these riders offer and then purchase them accordingly. It is also important to keep reviewing your policy from time to time to match the increase in your income and debts.

Why it’s Important to Hire a Great Insurance Agency


Insurance agents keep themselves up to date about the latest happenings in the sector. You can also consider an agent’s professional qualifications and industry certifications while evaluating his suitability. They also attend industry gatherings and training seminars to understand the new developments in the industry. Many agents specialize in personal or commercial insurance lines. This ensures they are able to advise customers more effectively as they know the ins and outs of the sector.

Why it’s Important to Hire a Great Insurance Agency

Save Money on Your Insurance Premiumf

An experienced insurance agent can explain how you can bring your insurance premiums down by advising you on risk management. This is different for various types of coverage. An automobile with anti-theft protection gets a lower premium. You can save on property insurance by erecting security fencing around the area. In this manner, agents are able to help customers in saving money. Many insurers also give higher discounts for agent policies compared to direct lines, because they save a significant sum on marketing and client acquisition by going through the agent.

Insurance Regulations Keep Changing

The insurance sector is governed by Federal and State bodies that set the policy conditions for different states. Changes in the regulations can be confusing for policy holders to navigate. For example, Colorado moved from the no fault system to tort system in 2003. This meant that drivers could be held personally liable for the damage caused to other persons’ property in an accident. The new policies also introduced liability limits with a base minimum. Policy holders can understand their liability limits by consulting an agent. Health insurance has also been influenced by the passing of the Affordable Care Act 2012, which expanded healthcare coverage to millions of new consumers. If you are a resident of Denver, CO, then you will need the services of a insurance agency who can help its policyholders understand changes in policy terms and conditions effectively.

Excellent Customer Service

Insurance agencies can be contacted by telephone, email, fax, on their social media pages or in person. A good insurance agency will be able to take care of customer queries quickly to the customer’s satisfaction. Some agencies have dedicated customer service representatives to deal with customer enquiries. In other agencies, the agent is personally available for customer consultation. Agents can also help policyholders with filing a claim with the insurer. Policy holders can request an amendment in the terms of the policy through the agent if they feel there is a change in the risk factors.

Get Your Queries Answered with Ease

Insurance can be a complicated subject for the layman. Policy terms differ from insurer to insurer and different states have different laws governing the kinds of coverage that are mandatory and optional. Similarly, getting a commercial insurance in Denver, or other US cities such as Sacramento, San Jose, Miami etc. Would have to comply with laws and regulations of the Colorado state. A good insurance agency has skilled and certified professionals who can easily answer their customers’ queries about the various facets of the policy.

You Don’t Have to Pay Commission to the Agency

The insurance agency is compensated by the insurer and the commission is built into the premium that the agency collects from the policy holder. So customers do not have to make a payment to the agency for the services rendered to them. However, the agency is still bound by its fiduciary duty towards the policyholders as they collect payments and process renewals. This means that they have to carry on their operations with financial probity and keep the customer interests uppermost. Insurance agencies are bound to act ethically towards policyholders or they could face punishment from regulators.

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