Five Things You Should Know Before You Purchase Life Insurance


Buying life insurance can seem like a necessary thing to do before it’s too late. It is, however, easy to decide that you want to buy one. But it can be rather confusing to decide on the type of policy to buy. It can also be difficult to understand all the bells and whistles related to life insurance.

Making a purchasing decision with confusion in mind can lead to poor selection of the life insurance policy. So, it is important to have all the necessary information with you before buying the right life insurance plan.
Here are five things to know before you purchase life insurance.

Different Type of Life Insurance Plans

There are two types of life insurance you can purchase – term or permanent.

Term plans are for a definite period of time. The time of the policy and the premium amount are fixed. The premium amount is decided according to your health at the time of the application. You can choose the term of the policy such as 30 years or 20 years.

Permanent plans cover the policyholder until death. You can decide on a fixed or variable premium amount. It will depend on the policy. The premium amount is determined based on the applicants’ health at the time of buying the policy. Permanent plans also have a savings attribute; as in cash value. The cash value is what makes permanent plans more attractive to buy.

Terms plans are simpler in structure while permanent plans can be a bit complex due to the saving mechanism. An insurance agent can help you understand the differences between the two, and how to decide on buying one over the other. But ensure that you work with independent companies or agents in this case.

To find the right independent agent, you can conduct a simple online search pertaining to your area; such as life insurance San Antonio. You can then check their websites to glean more information about their offerings or simply call them with your inquiry.

Consider Benefits First; Investment Later

Life insurance is first and foremost an insurance plan that can offer financial benefits to your family upon your death. So, it is important to buy life insurance as per its benefits. You must think of it as an investment as secondary. Consider it as more of a tool for managing risk than simply an investment.

Compare the Plans

When buying life insurance, compare different plans offered by different providers. Even if you have decided on either term or permanent policy to buy; it can help you to know the cost differences between the two. So, always check coverage offered and its premium costs of different types of life insurance plans before settling on one.

You can ask your insurance agent to provide you with different buying options. As per your unique needs, your independent insurance agent can find the optimal plans and help you make an informed decision.

Premium Rates depend on Several Factors

The premium rates for life insurance plans can differ as per the health and age of the applicant.

For instance, for a healthy young individual, it can be less expensive to buy a term life insurance plan. The premium will be generally lower in such cases. So, you need to pay attention to the benefits and then decide if the cost of the plan is worth it. But do know that buying life insurance gets costlier as you get older. If you smoke or have a serious medical condition; you may need to pay a higher premium amount.

Also, even if you are young and healthy; the premium cost of permanent plans will always be more than what you will need to pay for term plans.

Seeking Help may be Necessary

Yes, you can buy insurance online easily on your own. But you may find it rather complicated to find the right plan. For instance, there are many options available in terms of permanent life insurance plans alone. There are plans offering flexible premium paying terms. Then there are plans offering different ways to add interest to the accumulated cash value.

So, it is best to buy life insurance after consulting with experts.

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